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The Cock Thief – Parselelo Kantai

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The Cock Thief – Parselelo Kantai

I had to look again and again to appreciate the depth of the symbolism the writer had used! When you’re done reading The Cock Thief, you suddenly realise it was a story full of well placed symbols. Especially perhaps if you’re not Kenyan. The short story by Parselelo Kantai is somewhat of a well written jigsaw that touches on Kenya’s politics and what maybe one man’s dream for siku mpya or alfajiri in a land other than Kenya. .

Running – Jackie Lebo

Little do we know about the Kenyan runners that every year, every four years achieve another racing feat. Outside of Kenya, we keep seeing these black men and women who simply cannot fail to win at races, especially long distance races. When I first picked up the book I thought it was fiction. Most of the works I read are fiction. However it was not until I decided to Google the names in the .